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‘WOUNDED SOULS’ by Thru It All is Out Tomorrow!

The title track from Thru It All’s new EP, Wounded Souls drops tomorrow, June 17th!

Guys, let me tell you. This song has a nostalgic catchiness to it that rivals Blink-182.

Thru It All’s EP and title track were produced by Jim Wirt (Incubus, Something Corporate, Phillip Phillips, Alien Ant Farm, Jack’s Mannequin, Rocket Summer, Hoobastank, etc). The production quality and songwriting have really improved since the groups debut EP, Irrelevant. The chorus is down-to-earth, but we get a surprising change of heart at about two minutes in. 

‘Wounded souls

Scarred up and holding on 

Can’t let go, in for the long haul’

‘Feel the heat from the spotlight

A little numb and restless

But I’ve never looked better 

All eyes focused on me’

I feel lucky to have gotten an early sneak-peek of this tune! From the impeccably layered guitar riffs right down to the satisfying marchy snare and clean groovy synths before the b section, you guys are really in for a treat. The softspoken, unresolved ending certainly left me wanting more!

When asked what it was like to work with platinum-producer Jim Wirt, here’s what two of the band members had to say:

Nick: I felt really bad for Daniel because the guitar process was probably the most fucking tedious thing I’ve ever done or been a part of in my existence but it was sick and we had a good time and yeah I just thought Daniel was going to maybe shed a tear.

Daniel: Pretty much what Nick said it was quite a process but the end result was totally worth it and I would do it a thousand times over! Always a method to the madness!


Listen to the song on Thru It All’s Spotify or Soundcloud here:

You can learn more about the band on their website:

You can also find them on TikTok and Instagram!

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