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Little Eccentricities

I recently received a feature on a site called Go Solo, and thought I’d share some visuals of my crafts! You can find my things on Etsy here. Much of my work is resin: I made Dnd accessories, like dragons to guard your dice and D20 ornaments. I also sell unique vintage items and witchy…

Poker Poetry: Three Memorable Pieces of Work

The owner of this website may receive compensation for the links in this post, at no extra cost to you. That being said, this post is still in the same vein as most of our content- It’s about art, and supports artists. So, read on!   Poets can draw inspiration from just about anywhere – from…

‘WOUNDED SOULS’ by Thru It All is Out Tomorrow!

The title track from Thru It All’s new EP, Wounded Souls drops tomorrow, June 17th! Guys, let me tell you. This song has a nostalgic catchiness to it that rivals Blink-182. Thru It All’s EP and title track were produced by Jim Wirt (Incubus, Something Corporate, Phillip Phillips, Alien Ant Farm, Jack’s Mannequin, Rocket Summer,…

Thru It All: Interview

As I was scrolling through my Tiktok feed, I noticed another new and talented band- Thru It All! I found their Spotify, and immediately got hooked by their songs, Sundress and Energy Vampire. I’m so excited to be featuring this OK-native pop-punk and rock band on my blog!  During this interview, band member Daniel Dew…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Aleah, an independent artist, music teacher, and performer. In this blog called Fusion, I explore a combination of visual art, poetry, and popular and local music.

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