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Thru It All: Interview

As I was scrolling through my Tiktok feed, I noticed another new and talented band- Thru It All! I found their Spotify, and immediately got hooked by their songs, Sundress and Energy Vampire. I’m so excited to be featuring this OK-native pop-punk and rock band on my blog!  During this interview, band member Daniel Dew […]


Collaborative Interview with Composer Stephen Caldwell

In this third entry in my series of interviews, I got the chance to talk to composer and artist Stephen Caldwell.  In this sprawling conversation, we go from Schoenberg to Sum 41. So, buckle up!  I have known Stephen since early college. We first started talking because I was recording a piece dedicated to his […]

Weekly Haiku by Fusei

This 20-week Haiku challenge originally began last March, with a part of a private affinity group (BTTHaiku) from the Buddhist Temple of Toledo. Every Monday at 9am, we were supplied with something called a Kigo, or season word, as our theme. I was really into it last Spring, but then life took over. This weekly Haiku […]

How Zazen Now Informs My Music

My first time at The Buddhist Temple of Toledo (BTT) was full of surprises. Sure, I knew that I had to take my shoes off and bow at the door. But after that? Everything was a bit of a mystery.  I had been a Jukai initiate since early March, but I wasn’t able to attend […]


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About Me

Hi, I’m Aleah, an independent artist, music teacher, and performer. In this blog called Fusion, I explore a combination of visual art, poetry, and popular and local music.

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