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Aleah Fitzwater is a musician, writer, and artist from the Midwest.

Aleah is a flutist/ multi-instrumentalist, composer, author, and visual artist from the Toledo, Ohio area. Graduating from the University of Toledo in 2018, Aleah holds a Bachelor of Instrumental Music education with a focus in classical flute.

Aleah currently teaches studio lessons out of her home and remotely. She offers flute, piccolo, theory/ composition, and general music. She is also a published writer and freelancer on the website, Upwork.

Aleah loves books, and is both an avid reader and poet. She also loves sushi, and arranging pop-punk songs for flute choir, (which most people find to be a little odd). You can reach her at


Classical Musician

Aleah is an active classical performer. She performs and arranges both classical pieces and popular tunes alike for flute choir. Her work as a performer has led contemporary composers, such as Kristopher Mariasy, to commission her for aleatoric chamber works .

Aleah has also taken part in masterclasses with world-renowned flutist William Bennett, and studied at The University of Toledo under the tutelage of principal flutist Joel Tse. 


Aleah is a poet, lyricist, and columnist, and has been published in various coves of the internet.

Arranger/ Producer

Aleah produces and edits music in her professional home studio. Her time at university gave her the opportunity to study performance on strings, winds, and as a vocalist, which she incorporates into recordings.

Her freelance studio work has ranged from commissions to compose children’s song, to mixing indie folk, and orchestrating Schubert.

Visual Artist

Aleah’s visual art has been published both online, as well and been featured in Azores, Portugal, and in Rome, Italy. She has also done product photography for large corporations, such as Target.

She has been making visual art since 2010, and is currently a freelance photo editor for Upwork.



2018 – 2019, 2019-2020

I was a primary music school instructor for a rural school of 300. During my time in Fulton county, I directed and produced a children’s musical. I am licensed in Ohio to teach Pk-12, and ages from up to 5-21.

I have been a substitute teacher for a plethora of classes, including elementary school, as well as more specialized secondary classes such as fashion, orchestra, chemistry, and history.

Writer for Yamaha’s Educator Suite, Producer Hive, BestPianoKeyboards


I am a freelance writer for the company Yamaha, I write articles on music as a whole, including how to run a music classroom, and on my other musical experiences. I am currently working on writing for a piano keyboard review site, BestPianoKeyboards , and many other coves of the internet.

Voiceover Artist

I have done voiceovers for Women’s Advice Channels (Youtube), as well as for Snapchat, voice studies, and for educational tutorials.

Small Business Owner

2018- Present

I am the owner of three small businesses run through the platform Etsy. I create visual art, jewelry, trays, resin art, and other custom pieces. I am the sole manager of three shops, which average five star reviews!

Bachelors of Music Education


In 2018, I earned a Bachelors in instrumental education, with Suma Cum Laude honors (3.94). There I worked with local composers to create collaborative projects, such a pieces for the new music festival.

Upwork Freelancer Since 2018

You can find my freelancing profile for music, photo editing, voiceover, and writing here

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